About Us

The Boosters support the Spartan Regiment in many areas, many behind the scenes. Below are some of the ways we volunteer our time:
  • Concession stands: 
    • This is a good fundraising source, and is also quite fun. We provide the labor in the concession stand under the band section at BISD stadium during CHS varsity football games
  • Pit Crew
    • We generally need a few extra hands moving front ensemble equipment onto the field for halftime shows and contests. This is a timed event, and is organized to get instruments in place and on time
  • Chaperones for contests and other trips
    • This can be a great way to get to know and interact with the students, and show them your support. Being there for them is important. 
  • Uniform Coordinator
    • Uniform coordinators are great. They take care of uniforms,  make sure socks are the right size and color, and do all those things that make sure students are in uniform and are presentable when they leave the band hall. It's a great way to meet and know all of our great kids.
There are several other opportunities to volunteer your time during the course of any given school year. Attend the monthly booster meetings, join the Regiment Facebook page, and watch the calendar for opportunities as they arise.
CHS Band Booster Constitution and By-Laws

The Constitution By-Laws currently in place may be found in the pdf document attached below. These By-Laws are regularly reviewed, and updated as necessary in order to ensure the organization is able to best serve the students and directors of the CHS and Kerr band programs.