Band Parent 101

So you are now a proud parent of a member of the Spartan Regiment. You may now be asking yourself, Now what? What are all of these other parents talking about? What have I gotten myself into??

This page is intended to give you an introduction to the world of being a Band Booster (which you are, as a parent or guardian of a student in the Spartan Regiment), provide some answers to basic questions, and hopefully provide you with ways you can help support your student in his or her role in the Spartan Regiment.


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I’m New. Now what?

There is an excellent summary of information here:

Other general items of good advice:

Make sure your Charms information (address, email, phone numbers) stays accurate and up to date. This is a primary means of mass- distribution of information via email and the occasional mail out.

Please join our Facebook page:  Centennial Spartan Regiment

Refer to often. Don’t print a calendar for the year, it will change, and perhaps often. The calendar on will be the most accurate, most current, source of information. You can link this google calendar to your phone as well.

Charms? What is Charms?

Charms is the web based service used by the band directors to track and record many band related items. It also serves as a roster of students, including details such as grade level, marching instrument, concert instrument, and the like.

From the booster perspective, it serves two primary purposes. First, it tracks the band payments that are owed by student. Charges are posted, payments received and applied, and statements are emailed out on a periodic basis. These statements can be confusing to read, do not feel alone if it takes some time to understand the way they are presented. Second, Charms serves as a major communication/coordination tool. The boosters will send mass emails from charms, in order to distribute pertinent and timely information as needed. On the coordination side, the boosters will request volunteer help for various events, and there will be sign up sheets inside Charms so the Boosters know who will be assisting in the various areas. 


How to Log in to Charms


Go to

School Code:  centennialband

Student Area Password:  (student's lunch code)


Payments? This costs money?

Unfortunately, there are some costs associated with participating in band. These payments cover items such as marching shoes, band polo shirts, annual show shirts, additional clinicians during summer camps, and various other items. The boosters and directors strive to keep these costs to the students as low as possible. 


To make a band payment, you may do this in two ways:


1. Mail a check made payable to CHS Band Boosters and mail to:


     836 Renfro

     Goin' Postal

     Box 105

     Burleson, TX 76028


2. Place in a Labeled Envelope and Drop in Booster Payment Box in the Band Hall. 


3. Payments due on 6th of each month.


We are looking to find a cost effective way to pay through charms.  We will keep you posted!

If you have questions regarding your student's fees, please contact our Band Director.

Summer Band?



The purpose of the summer rehearsals is to learn the marching show music, stand tunes, school songs, as well as the actual marching. It takes time and practice to learn the music, more time and practice to learn the marching part of the show, and putting the two together at the same time is a highly skilled and athletic endeavor. 

There will be various rehearsals during the summer, June Camp and August Camp. .



Percussion and Colorguard camp starts Monday, July 27 through July 21.

Woodwinds and Brass begin Monday, August 3 through July 21. Camp will begin promptly at 8:00am until 4:00pm